Law Testimonials

"We just used Brent to travel around the firm doing a fabulous public speaking program for our lawyers.  He received rave reviews in every office.  I highly recommend him." 

Sharon Meit Abrahams, Ed.D.        

National Director, Professional Development         

Foley & Lardner LLP        


 "At Wolf Greenfield, we demand a high return on training time investment.  Brent Baer delivers programs that are engaging and resonate with our attorneys.  The results are lasting skills that are used immediately in client, presentation and  courtroom situations."

Jay Wager

Associate Director, Business Development

Wolf Greenfield   (Largest Intellectual Property-only law firm based in New England)



"The ability to engage an audience and speak effectively are vital professional skills, particularly for young lawyers. Brent Baer's program, "Successful Presentations for Lawyers," was a refreshing and valuable session that raised our young attorneys' level of self-awareness and speaking abilities. Most importantly, Brent provided attendees with helpful takeaways to continue to improve their skills over time.


From an administrative perspective, Brent was thorough, well-prepared, and easy to work with. Brent's commitment to being the best that he can be and opening himself to post-event feedback was great and we look forward to working with him in the future."

Valerie Jensen

Executive Director

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice


"Very practical, useful tips for engaging an audience of any size.  Brent was very animated, engaging and easy to understand.  Kept it interesting and moving smoothly.  Excellent progam."

Dina Cappuccio

 Director of Recruiting and Professional Development (former)

Sills Cummis & Gross, P.C.


"Very entertaining and fun while providing great material and tips.  Brent was entertaining and a great public speaker."

Anne Riegle

Director of Human Resources

Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A. 


"Very practical and easy to follow instructions.  I like that Brent was engaging and attentive to questions.  Encouraging to participants."

John Hogan

Criminal Law Team and former Chair, Associates Committee

Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A. 


"Thank you for delivering your Continuing Legal Education seminars, "Successful Presentations for Lawyers", to our associates and partners.  The courses were superb.  While most attorneys consider themselves particularly effective at communicating, whether they are marketing to clients, negotiating with adversaries, litigating before a judge and jury or speaking in public, your course provided concrete steps for immediate improvement with an engaging and witty delivery.  I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues at other firms, whether for their associates, summer associates or partners."

Sheldon Chaneles


Herrick, Feinstein 


"'Finish the thought, pause, shift attention, repeat.'  Easier said than done, but Brent's interactive, sensible, energizing and humorous style and methods teach the skill of good presentation in the most enjoyable and engaging of ways.  (Before long, we really will be able to chew gum and walk at the same time!)"

Paul Giangola

Manager Professional Development

Chadbourne & Parke


"J. (the Manager of Attorney Recruiting) and her assistant loved your session!  J. reported back to the group and she used your skills."

Margaret Halewski

Manager of Professional Development

Wiley Rein LLP


"Wonderfully structured presentation and very informative.  Brent cared about improving the skills of everyone in the room."  

Andrew Ullrich


Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A.

"We saw improvements immediately.  Brent is an exceptional coach.  He engages everyone in the room.  We loved it."

Maziel Abrego

Manager of Marketing and Client Services

Troutman Sanders

Comments From Attorneys About BAER ESSENTIALS Training . . .  

"The involvement with the class was the best part.  I was able to improve on the spot as I was able to practice on the spot."

Matt Fesser


Troutman Sanders (formerly Jenkins & Gilchrist Parker Chapin)


"The program was fast paced and gave me info that I can use immediately.  Brent was engaging, articulate & quick on his feet."



Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A.


"Covered very real skills that are needed despite your practice area.  Brent was great.  He demonstrated the skils, gave us the time to practice.  He was all of the things he taught us to aim to be as a public speaker -likeable, confident, articulate . . ."

Cynthia Mitchell

Troutman Sanders (formerly Jenkins & Gilchrist Parker Chapin)


"Exremely informative- FABULOUS- My skills improved during the one seminar!"

Lisa B. Steirman


Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A.

Comments from Partners of a New York City Based Law Firm

John August

Fantastic. The only criticism is that it should have run longer.


Richard Brown

Very good.       


Susan Dwyer

Excellent. I am rushing to get out of here to catch a flight (as usual) but want to talk about how to use him.


Daniel Etna

A worthwhile use of my time.   


Raymond Hannigan

Very useful.  We are all professional speakers already, and it was interesting to see how little we really knew about our trade.


Matthew Hawkins

I thought it was excellent. The tips/techniques Brent taught showed immediate results.  The class participation also provided a fun way to work with people within the firm I haven't worked with previously.


Anne Maltz

I thought it was quite good. While I have had some training in this area and he didn't tell me anything I had not heard before his emphasis was excellent. I was able to refocus my attention to apply the skills to smaller venues like client meetings, etc. He also worked well with people who had not had prior formal training.


Paul Rubin

I thought it was very worthwhile. I am really glad I attended. I think it would be great if more litigation associates participated in the seminar.


Paul Schafhauser

It was a terrific presentation -- unusually good for a CLE course, frankly.


Anthony Schlur

I thought it was excellent. It gave me some very practical tips for public speaking. I was glad I went and would recommend to all of the attorneys.


Georgia Wainger

I thought it was very helpful; while I thought I knew what made a good public speaker, I realized that I had a lot to learn. Everyone would benefit from it. 


Arthur Jakoby

I thought that this lecture was far better than most and that I really got something out of it.  I also think that most people will agree since he gets everyone to participate.  No one walks out without some gain. 


Benjamin Kursman

I thought he was terrific.


Mark Levine

He was great.


Richard Morris

It was a good program.  He had some very nice points.  I think the timing actually was correct in that it takes time to demonstrate the point and then practice it.


David Rosen

I am sorry I could not stay for the whole workshop. We had a very good time last night. In the beginning I thought he just another guy peddling CLE credits but as the evening progressed I realized how perceptive he was and what he could do to help us.


Mary Ellen Shuttleworth

He was great.  I think we were a tough group to work with.  Everyone who participated made noticeable improvements.


Bradley Turk

I think it is worthwhile to bring him back.


Justine Urbaites

I thought it was useful-- painfully embarrassing -- but useful.  He had a lot of energy and the 3 hours went by quickly.  I was able to pick up some new techniques for public speaking.... overall it was good.


Salvatore Villani

I think the program was very good and recommend having Brent Baer come back for another workshop.  The size of the group was good because it allowed for all of us to get involved, practice the drills and get feedback from Brent.



IPMA: International Paralegal Management Association Comments


"The program on handling difficult conversations was very helpful.  All of the techniques will be useful.  Your teaching effectiveness was excellent." 

Barbara McPhee

Paralegal Manager

Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP


"Great session.  Good material covered in session & handouts.  Brent gave good examples."

Assistant Coordinator of Paralegal Services

Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C.   


Summer Associates Program Comments


"I loved that the instructor used 'real people' to illustrate his techniques.  I enjoyed his competence and appreciated that he was relatable." 

Monique Cofer

Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross, P.C.


"Very helpful... I'm going to try the skills out ASAP.  Great job!  Very energetic!"  

Brandon Hill

Squire, Sanders & Dempsey  

"Great simple tips which I'll be sure to practice."  

Aileen Cannon

Squire, Sanders & Dempsey

"The program was very informative and interesting.  The instructor was interesting, funny and personable."

Helen Schultz

Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross, P.C.  


"Excellent program.  The program was helpful, and well tailored to the needs of summer associates.  The teacher was effective because he was so dynamic."

Corrine Aftimos

Bilzin, Sumberg


"It was very thorough and the organization was great!"

Margo Katz

Sills Cummis & Gross, P.C.  


"Good tips on how to make small improvements.  Brent has great enthusiasm."

Mathew Fernandez Konigsberg

Sills Cummis & Gross, P.C. 


"The program was very informative and interesting!  I liked that the instructor was very flamboyant and interesting!  Kept my attention for the whole two hours, which is no small task!"

Dana Banks

Summer Law Clerk

Sills Cummis & Gross, P.C.  


"I enjoyed the hands-on approach and found it particularly illuminating for my strengths and weaknesses." 

Sara M.

Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer P.A.

"Fun interactive program.  Brent was an excellent instructor."

Michelle Conn

Director of Administration

Morgan Lewis & Bockius



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