BAER ESSENTIALS is a communications training firm for individuals and organizations dedicated to improving presentation skills, public speaking and interpersonal skills.  For over 15 years we have offered interactive training seminars and coaching services to tens of thousands of professionals.  

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Industries that have found our programs particularly helpful include Law, Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Publishing, and New Media.           BAER ESSENTIALS has created specialized programming for lawyers and legal professionals, some of which will provide credits for Continuing Legal Education (CLE).


The firm’s goal is to maximize participants’ impact in a variety of speaking situations, whether 1 to 1 or 1 to 1,000. By enhancing vital employee competencies, companies have seen an unmistakable return on their training investment.  


Additionally, by participating in BAER ESSENTIALS seminars, individuals gain confidence and credibility as they get results through their presentations, whether in the board room, conference room, or delivering a client pitch. 

  Take your communication skills to the next level!  

Benefits of our training programs include practical techniques to:


        • Communicate your message with credibility and impact
        • Gain confidence to speak up
        • Sharpen delivery skills
        • Communicate powerfully with clients and prospects
        • Engage decision makers
        • Effectively use body language
        • Master Public Speaking like a pro




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