1 Is the trainer an expert in his field, with relevant business experience?

Yes, and he's also passionate about the topics he covers.   This means you don’t just get someone who turns up and goes through the motions. Enthusiasm is contagious and participants get caught up in that energy – this makes learning easy, memorable and transferable to the workplace


2 How long has BAER ESSENTIALS been around?

We’ve been in business since 1993, so you’re guaranteed to experience proven courses that have stood the test of time. But that doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date, responding to feedback and incorporating cutting edge thinking in everything we do. The result? You get the best of both worlds.


3 Do you provide real-world examples?

We make our training and coaching relevant to the industry, level and challenges faced by the participants. We bring the theory to life with examples and activities and, above all, give plenty of time for practice, coaching and feedback. So you know that the learning will stick and make a real difference in real-life for you and your business.


4 Can you tailor a seminar to your particular needs?

We know that each company and each individual is different. So whether you’re booking an in-company course or program for your colleagues or attending a public program yourself, we’ll do everything we can to understand your individual needs and requirements. We will then deliver training or coaching that meets those needs and gets you the results you want.


5 Will BAER ESSENTIALS help me customize a course?

Our friendly client service team is there solely to make sure your course administration runs smoothly and efficiently. And they’re flexible enough to adapt what they do to meet the changing needs of businesses like yours. This means you can rely on them to look after the details and save you valuable time.


6 Where does BAER ESSENTIALS offer training and coaching?

We can deliver training programs for you in the United States, Canada and Asia. We provide a consistent and culturally aware approach to the learning and development of your people.  


7 At what venues are you available to present?


    • Training Seminars
    • Keynote addresses
    • Lectures
    • Speeches
    • Corporate meetings
    • Conventions
    • Break-out sessions
    • Colleges
    • Product Launches