About Brent

Brent Baer, President


Over 20 years ago, the senior class of the Phoenixville, PA Public High School enacted a performance of "The Mouse that Roared."  The role of Count Mountjoy was played by a young Brent Baer.  During the play, Brent unwittingly skipped five pages of the script and didn't pay attention to the bewildered look on his fellow actors' faces.   In their disbelief, they wondered, "What's wrong with him?  Is he disorganized?  Is he afraid?"


It took some time for him to recover from this traumatic experience, and Brent set his life goals on mastering the discipline of public communication.  Now Brent helps business and civic leaders manage their stage fright and find the right words.


Baer was fortunate to be mentored under the aegis of Isaiah Grandes del Mazo (affectionately known as "Toto").  Toto was the foremost student of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, known as the father of the Japanese post-war industrial revival and was regarded by many as the leading quality guru in the United States.  Brent has been a featured speaker at prominent business conferences, including those sponsored by the National Association of Legal Professionals, American Management Association, American Marketing Association, Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, Practising Law Institute and ALI-ABA. 

He began his training career at Dale Carnegie and Associates, where he was the #1 revenue producer worldwide.  Brent completed the American Society of Training and Development’s "Train the Trainer" program.  He received his B.B.A. and the prestigious Business Administration Award at the George Washington University School of Business in Washington, DC.  Baer is also an adjunct Professor of Public Speaking at Yeshiva University and Fairleigh Dickinson University in New York City area.  Recently, Brent has begun to deliver webinars and live online learning programs that have been attended by thousands.


When he's not helping executives enhance their skills, Brent can be found coaching his protege...his 14 year old son, who has quite the flair for the dramatic.