BAER ESSENTIALS offers One-on-One Personal Coaching, tailored in both length and content to your specific communication needs.  Once you've identified the skills that you would like to gain and set goals, the coaching is very focused.  We will roll up our sleeves immediately and get to work.  Typically, in each coaching session we will videotape you several times:  We'll start with an initial baseline, then capture you on videotape implementing specific skills, then record an "After" video, providing proof of your improved performance.  Most clients find that while the coaching process requires you to confront fears and expose areas to improve, the observable positive changes and feelings of increased confidence far outweigh the discomfort one might experience.  The tape 'doesn't lie.'  The video recordings act as both a mirror and a magnifying glass.    


"I gave my talk this past Tuesday.  I felt great before during and after.  It went really well.  I actually enjoyed it and want to do it again!  When I submitted I had a choice to select  a two hour or four hour workshop I selected two hours.  When we finished our presentation the biggest criticism from the atendees was it should have been four hours!  Maybe next time.  Thanks for your amazing help."

   -- Gila Cohen, MSW


Coaching Services

Brent provides either face to face personal coaching or tele-coaching, as designed jointly with his client.  Topics addressed in coaching sessions include: Communication and Presentation Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Presenting with PowerPoint, Preparation, Organization, Crafting Content, Delivery Skills, Reducing Stage Fright, Interview Skills, Infuence, Storytelling, Diplomacy and Tact, Interpersonal Skills, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Group Facilitation, Question and Answer Handling, Customer Service, Motivation, Time Management and Goal Setting.   


 Nature of the Coach-Client Relationship

As a professional Coach, Brent adheres to a form of coaching that honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. 


The conversations are very direct and personal.  You can count on Brent to be honest and straightforward, asking clarifying questions and making empowering REQUESTS.  Brent's main role will be to hold your focus on YOUR desired outcome and to coach you to stay clear, focused and in action.  Brent may use audio visual technology to provide feedback and help sharpen your skills. 


If you desire, Brent can also perform the role of a 'consultant,' giving specific advice and/or suggestions or laying out a possible plan of action.  As a coaching client, you would enter the sessions with the understanding that the real power in the coaching relationship can only be granted by you, the client .  You are the one who is responsible for making your own decisions regarding the best course of action, taking the steps and achieving the results. 


"Brent zeros in, focuses on areas of needed improvement extremely well, finds the need and addresses it succinctly.  He knows how to ask the right questions to facilitate growth.  Brent gently, but firmly prods in the right direction.  It's life transforming."  

--Howard Jachter

Teacher TABC, Judge Beth Din of Elizabeth, NJ and popular lecturer


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