Free Tip #1


What should I do with my hands when I speak in public?


Usually, when you are in a conversation with a friend, you do not stand or sit there holding your hands in front of your crotch or belly button and speak like a 'talking head.'  In one on one situations, people typically get their arms and hands involved as they speak and gesture appropriately and in synch with what they are saying.  So we recommend you do the exact same thing when you are speaking to a group.  Use appropriate gestures that help 'tell your story.' 


Vary your gestures.  Don't have both hands motioning continuously at your midsection.  It will look like fish flippers to your listeners.  Use your left hand. Right hand.  Both hands.  The larger the crowd, the wider the gestures... and hold each gesture for a moment or two, before dropping your hands at your sides.  Don't worry, they won't stay there long, as you can gesture on the next big action verb or noun you say.  For those who have quieter voices, gesturing will oftimes bring out more volume and animation!    


Caution:  Don't overdo it and have your hands fly all around like a whirling dirvish.  You are not Marcel Marceau, the great mime.  Remember, just like a beautiful song has quieter parts that help put the spotlight on the instrumentals and voices at the right time, let your arms rest comfortably at your sides so that your bigger gestures will make a real impact.     


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