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Individual Session Evaluation Form

Chapter: Philadelphia

Education Session Title:  Powerful Presentations:  Learning to Speak with Confidence

Session Date: September 14, 2016                                                                 

Session Speaker(s):  Brent Baer

Total Attendees:           36                                                                               

Total Evaluations:        26

Session Description:

Not Marked Strongly Disagree Disagree         Agree         Strongly Agree

Statement for Response     

          0                    1                  2                    3                    4

The presentation was clear and to the point                                                         

         0                   1                     0                    1                  24

The presenter was effective                                                                         

         1                   1                     0                    1                   23

The handouts and/or visual aids were relevant and contributed to my learning

         3                   1                     1                    2                  19

The sesion content was relevant to my work                                                         

        0                   1                     1                    2                  22

I gained new insight relevant to my work                                                           

       0                   1                     0                    3                  22

Overall Rating     3.66


great crowd engagement; excellent presentation (2); excellent-great job-very engaging(2); lots of

interaction (2), kept program interesting; "finish the/your thought"-valuable (3); wonderful

speaker-very passionate; liked audience participation(2); very energetic;  loved it-exercise at the

end was favorite-access your passion-great tip; great session; got a lot of tips to help me feel

more confident; Um, I really learned to converse and not present (negative review);

Topics/issues/instructors for future presentations:   

More along the "personal development" track-very valuable; creating presentations-how to make

engaging structure/framework; staff training and development programs

Powerful Presentations: Learning to Speak with Confidence

Session Description:  

Presenting successfully in front of audiences formally and informally is one of the most important

skills for effective leadership. Brent Baer of Baer Essentials, a highly regarded public speaking

trainer, implements a variety of interactive and engaging coaching tactics in his powerful

presentations training program.  Some of these skills include: making effective eye contact,

mastering meaningful body language, addressing challenging questions, reducing presentation anxiety, etc.


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